November 13th Support
November 16, 2010
Dane is out of jail and back with friends!  Now we are preparing for the long struggle ahead.  Thank you all so much for all of the love and support that has poured out in the last few days

November 23, 2010
Dane went to his scheduled Status Conference in Phoenix yesterday to find that his case has been "scratched." This means that the County Attorney hadn't filed charges within 48 hours. This does not mean that the case is dismissed, and the county can still file the charges for seven years. That's right, seven years. We'll give more details on what this means for bail and fundraising once we know. And again, thanks so much for everything.

November 24, 2010
Bail money has been returned! Here's a longer statement from Dane:
"Hey all,
first, I'd like to thank everyone again for the incredible and inspiring outpouring of support since my arrest. It has been really, really incredible, and I love you all so, so much. Thank you thank you thank you.

Second, there is sort of good news. When I showed up for a status conference in Phoenix last Monday, I was told that my case has been "scratched." What this means is that the County Attorney didn't file any charges within 48 hours of my first court hearing. So, for right now, I'm not being charged with anything, and our bail money has been returned. However, this does NOT mean that the charges have been dropped. The county has seven years, yes, seven years, to bring these charges back up. There is no way to know if or when they might do this, and they can issue a warrant for my arrest at any time, without notification. How about that!

A couple of the folks arrested at the anti-Arpaio march last January (see had their charges scratched only to have them brought up again two months later. No way to know if something similar will happen with my charges. If they do get brought up again, you'll be sure to hear about it.

As for the money that's been raised and donated so far (thanks again!), what we're figuring on doing is returning anything that people need back straight away. So, if you gave a larger amount figuring on getting it back when bail was returned, get in touch and we can figure out how to do that. Money that was raised through benefits or that no one needs/wants back we're going to hold onto for maybe three months in case they do bring the charges back. After that, we'll probably put it into the Border Opposition Action Fund. Let us know what works for you!

Thank you all so much again, and get in touch if you need anything.